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Episode 1 - FUBARBuNDY with Dr Bruce Powell

Waking up in Intensive Care, “F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition But Not Dead Yet”, Dr Bruce Powell tries to make sense of what has happened.



Episode 2 - All Change

Becoming an optimist, starting to make some sense of the traumatic events of that September day.

Episode 3 - Christmas Day in Intensive Care

Despite being an experienced Intensive Care doctor, it is hard to understand what has happened. Paranoia, confusion and euphoria make a complex cocktail.

Episode 4 - Trauma Unit and the Great Escape

ICU is left behind and now, it’s the Trauma Unit that creates a scary, imposing background to a brain-injured patient. Might it even be possible to escape?

Episode 5 - Making Friends at the Rehab Hospital

When you’re a patient as well as a doctor, it can be tricky to tell which one you are supposed to be. Especially when life remains familiar and also deeply strange.

Episode 6 - Back to Life - Back to Reality

Trauma is different for everyone. If you don’t really understand what happened, it isn’t especially distressing. Loved ones suffer in silence, back at the BnB.

Episode 7 - Back Home

However confusing hospital can be, getting home and coming to terms with the time that has passed, is a new troubling challenge.



Episode 8 - Insight can be a painful thing

Time passes slowly and the increasing realisation what has happened, is confronting and enlightening.

Episode 9 - So What?

What does any of that mean? The end of the first season, and the start of something new. Coming to terms with our own realities.

Episode 10 - The Rambles of Bruce & Janco - Two ADHD adults.

Bruce and Janco chat about life and their shared experiences. This insightful episode is time marked to highlight particular topics of interest.

If you would like to start a conversation around topics featured in this podcast, please head over to www.drbrucepowell.com


01:08 - Episode Start

01:48 - Education and Studies

02:50 - Studying Music and a Bachelor of Audio

05:36 - ADHD and Labeling

09:20 - Writing music for ADHD people

11:14 - Being a Junior Doctor

13:22 - ADHD and Social Anxiety

19:57 - Music and the Creative Process

24:59 - Is ADHD a superpower

32:01 - What does school teach you?

39:46 - Being a Doctor and Societies Views

59:21 - Choice, Having options is much more difficult

01:04:02 - Building strong foundations

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